Information Visualisation and User Interfaces I - Kurs @Merz Akademie

The increasing amount of digital data requires new ways of making it usable as meaningful information. Meaningful in this context means, on the one hand, that suitable processes are used that allow the type and quantity of information to be geared to human needs. On the other hand, their representation must support this. At the same time the organization of the functionality and representation of information systems is increasingly done via user interfaces as we know them from conventional software applications. Thus, ultimately only a joint consideration of information visualization and user interface leads to appropriate design approaches and solutions. In this course essential aspects of information visualization and user interface design are discussed and applied in practical exercises. The attached pictures show some student exercises: In a exhibition about 'Konkrete Kunst', we tried to interpret the pictures as InfoVis and created the corresponding datasets.

Semester course

Merz Akademie